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Your Personal Idea Factory

About Pauline
I am an internationally-based treatment writer with over twenty years of experience in all aspects of commercial production. I write treatments for all genres, copy, as well as brand and original content. My client roster includes the largest commercial production companies in the world.

Whether the director is thinking of shooting anamorphic off an EZ-Rig with an Alexa Mini or using that Russian arm as a crane for static car shots, I know exactly what they’re talking about. I may even suggest that new piece of cutting-edge gear that the AC’s can’t wait to get their hands on.

I am first and foremost a collaborator who is always thinking of the big picture. My goal is to bring to the treatment as much creative inspiration as the director will bring to the shoot. For this reason, I have one of the highest booking rates in the industry.

I easily switch gears from writing Babies, to Budweiser to BMW. The bidding process is ultimately an audition, and as a supporting performer, I have a wide dramatic range.

24-Hour, Global Service
I particularly specialize in working with international and non-native English speaking directors.

When working for an internationally based client, I work on a 24-hour clock, according to their time zone, in order to best suit their convenience.

When the job awards, if the director would like, I also script supervise the shoot.

The Gauntlet
I realize that you may have writers that you regularly work with. I want to throw down the gauntlet.

I will write a competing treatment against your regular writer. Should you choose my work, the first treatment is on the house.